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Full Name   Sherwin Arca (30)
Country/City Philippine / Iloilo University/Major WVSU-Janiuay / Industrial Tech
인기도 평점
★★★★★ 수업성공률
Good day! My name is Teacher Sherwin but you can also call me teacher Shei. Back in the old days, I truly love the English subject. I love reading poems and different stories as well. I spare time watching English movies too.

I would love to be your English teacher. Let us mold your communication skills in English even better. I can help you with your pronunciation as well as with your speaking skills. Do you want to have confidence to speak in English? Well, I am more than willing to served you for that.

Let us have a simple but enjoyable and fabulous class for you to improve your English. I know, we have much differences in our culture but, I can manage to cope up with that. I am more than willing to share experiences and culture to create an interesting discussion.

I am so excited to meet you and have you in my class soon. So, take your time and enjoy!