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Full Name   Charmaine N. Fajarito (27)
Country/City Philippines / Iloilo University/Major SIPC-WVCST Miagao / Elementary Education
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★★★★★ 수업성공률
My name is Charmaine, but people often call me Charm. I am 25 years old and a licensed professional teacher. I enjoy learning new ideas and discovering new things. As a teacher, I am flexible enough to deal with any situations that may happen in class. I have a good communication and social skills. As we all know English is the universal language, so I always make sure my students also have time to communicate and practice their speaking skills. Every learner has learning differences, so as a teacher, I explain difficult things in simpler ways so it would be easy for them understand. To make my student feel comfortable, I keep my class lively possible.
○ 황OO  (61.♡.214.167)
2020-07-30 13:35:10
always good
○ 노OO  (61.♡.214.176)
2020-07-07 11:24:27
I still don't know The last currency unit .. But I can promise I'll know until next time !!
○ 노OO  (61.♡.214.176)
2020-07-06 14:03:07
I'm sorry I haven't heard your voice .. But I enjoyed talking with you !!