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Full Name   Jay Mark Galeno (28)
Country/City Philippines / Iloilo University/Major West Visayas State U / Information Tech
인기도 평점
★★★★★ 수업성공률
Hi! What’s up? My name’s Mark, your English learning buddy. Why study English? Well, I’ll give 3 reasons based on my conclusions. First, it’s considered to be the universal language. Second, English doesn’t only apply on the subject itself; other school subjects use it too! Lastly knowledge, English is one of the most important requirements when you’re applying for a job or just for traveling. Learning English is just as simple as learning any other things. Discover some easy, fun and useful way of learning. You’ll realize it isn’t that hard after all. Studying English is not just about the language, it includes cultures and customs. So you won't have to wonder why they use that and why this word's good or the other way around. Not just about the words that we see on the books, but about the way we use them every day. Explore what is foreign and learn the treasures that English has to offer.
○ 박OO  (223.♡.230.210)
2021-07-09 15:59:51
When I talk with him, I'm so comfortable. He has a sense of humor.
○ 고OO  (223.♡.230.210)
2021-07-06 13:49:15
첫날이다보니 서로 알아가는 과정의 시간을 가졌는데 매우 재밌었고 편안하게 수업에 임했던 것 같습니다.
○ 小OO  (49.♡.212.138)
2021-06-17 16:01:46
○ 조OO  (220.♡.84.220)
2020-09-22 10:28:12
친절하게 잘 알려주셔서 감사해요
○ 김OO  (61.♡.214.185)
2020-07-30 11:20:22
I like your class!
○ 김OO  (61.♡.214.161)
2020-07-29 10:50:15
최고의 튜터
○ 김OO  (61.♡.214.185)
2020-07-28 12:56:06
○ 김OO  (61.♡.214.185)
2020-07-22 14:40:02
i want to upgrade my level.^^
○ 김OO  (223.♡.198.212)
2020-07-09 10:21:07
Hi Mark,I like a your class!